Few words…

“Prevention is better than cure.” it’s an age-old adage. Medical professionals and hospitals are able to do a lot for the Cure. Many times they perform medical miracles. People are trusting them with their precious health and spending hard earned money for their services. But both general public and hospitals are paying very little attention to the idea of prevention. Naturally very little is being done by them in this area.

We at HealthyYASHODA started working on a balance between Prevention and Cure. Prevent all possible major diseases and also explore what is the best possible care in event of somebody struck by diseases. Hence almost every article posted in this blog presents opportunities for both Prevention and cure of a particular disease dealt in that particular article.

It is our earnest belief that the articles and Question & Articles section will serve the persons in the need. They are prepared with inputs from stalwarts in the field of Medicine and Surgery. Hence contain most authentic info available at the movement of their publication.

After these few words, we would like to put it on record that the Healthyyashoda blog is intended only as information to spread health education and is NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL ADVICE or TREATMENT SUGGESTION. Please consult your family doctor or hospital before you take a decision regarding a diagnostic test or treatment.

-Healthy Yashoda bloggers